The Playground

A Post-apocalyptic Psychological Thriller


290 years ago, a virus left only a million of Earth's population alive.

Carter, Brody, Cara, and Ray live in a settlement shut off from the outside, but after a group of raiders lays waste to their home, the four friends are forced to separate.

They find themselves on different sides of a war between two rival governments and five prominent gangs, who are fighting for control of the only major city within a thousand miles.

They can either twist and bend to their new way of life - or be broken by it.

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Book Launch

February 7, 2017

McNally Robinson - 1120 Grant Ave

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About the Author


Matthew Alcock is a Winnipeg-born student of writing at the University of Manitoba and Red River College. After working in communications field and writing many short pieces, this is his debut novel.


His approach is simple:

The average person, especially young adults, are not all "Katniss Everdeens." They are products of their environment and mainly powerless against them. If you want to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, you're going have to learn the game and play it well if you plan to keep on breathing.